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We are Eighty8 and rose


One of the primary reasons I became a musician, and later transitioned in to DJing, is simply music. Not only music, but the cultural roots, influences, and properties that are tied along with it. As a classically trained trumpet player and knowing how to read music has giving me an advantage in regards to the art of DJing, and allow me to elevate the craft. Often told that I am, “too passionate”, about DJing has solidified the fact that I am in a league of my own. That not only do I understand how to make songs sound well together, but I respect the transitions, bpm, audience, and artists. Each beat plays like a note of an orchestra I am conducting. Every hour of a set is the mere representation of my opera act and the venue is my stage. 

88 and Rose is here to evoke as much feeling and cultivation, as your favorite song does for you on a bad day. More than simply a brand, 88 and Rose is a passion project created to bring you the culture from myself and my esteemed peers. Through fashion, music and videos, we intend to progress the culture. 

With “88” being the year i was brought to life and the “Rose” signifying love, friendship, positive energy and enjoying your life and all it has to offer while you still can live in it.

Anne Bronte once said “But he that dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose”.

Here at 88 and Roses, we strive to push ourselves and those around us. To motivate those to grow their gardens out of dreams, goals, and ideas. Determined. Dedicated. Loving. Patient. Be a force in your own right. Never fear the thorn.

Work hard, complain less, and smell your roses.